Prettykind is a non-seasonal brand that make pretty clothes in a kind way. 

It's time to change into something more conscious.


We didn't necessarily set out to create a sustainable fashion brand. It all started with wanting to make beautiful things, and it ended with a year full of delving into the tangled issues of the fashion industry and trying to navigate away from them. In the end, we still make beautiful things, just in a better way.

Turns out that doing things right is harder than we thought. We came across two big problems when trying to source sustainably - the lack of information and the high minimum orders. We tried multiple factories all over Asia, but we struggled with MOQs as well as feeling like we were out of the whole process, and it was too far away. So we made the unique decision to move our manufacturing to our doorstep in London. We wanted to see the people making our clothes, we wanted to be able to without a doubt trace every thread and button in our garments, and the only way to do so was to source everything ourselves. 

We researched every component, we probed each supplier and looked at sustainability from every angle from the raw material to the aftercare. Now we can proudly say that we know where every button has come from and we can sleep well at night knowing everything in our garments is well, Prettykind.


From the basic idea of creating sustainable garments that last, we set out to change how people view sustainable clothing. For us, sustainability is the new luxury. To truly know what you are buying, where it's made and that the materials it's made from are not harmful to your skin or the environment should be a standard but it is not - yet. 

We have all been there, standing in front of our wardrobe thinking: "A closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear". But behind this statement, a more troublesome truth lies. We wanted to solve this by creating quality clothing made in a way we could stand for. Simple and timeless silhouettes that you can't help but reach for (and the kind of clothes your girlfriends want to borrow) that are made sustainably. 

We don't really see ourselves as "sustainable clothing", and instead just "clothing." We believe that the fact it's made in a way that doesn't cost the earth should be a given and we are working towards that future. Clothing should always be fun, and we think one shouldn't have to choose style over substance. You buy it because you like it, and we believe that the rest is up to us. Leave all the messy bits for us to fix and think of, and you just enjoy being Prettykind.


(and we are changing with it)

In March 2020 we were gearing up to launch after a year of research and hard work when the whole world changed seemingly overnight as a pandemic swept the world. We decided to shut down operations and delay our launch and let our amazing factory ApparelTasker focus on creating masks (they even gained a prestigious contract to create masks for the Royal Family). 

We spent the following year waiting patiently for things to be "back to normal", but it became apparent that time would not come. So instead we prepared for the new world we want to live in, and how we as a small new brand will fit into it. Sustainability and buying local is more important than ever and we are excited to forge a new path of what affordable luxury clothing is - local, sustainable, transparent.  

We don't know about you, but we are excited for the beer gardens, weddings, overnight stays and the outfit opportunities they bring. It's time to get out of our sweatpants and into a nice dress - finally!