You will never see polyester, nylon, acrylic or any fibres derived from animals in our products. We believe in natural and sustainable produced materials. We never cut corners and only work with 100% certified materials.

Lenzing AG | Lenzing, Austria

Lenzing fibers are made of cellulose, the core component of all plants on earth. Their source material wood is perfectly renewable: Trees regrow, feeding on sunlight, water and carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, creating cellulose. Respectfully sourcing from this natural origin, we develop highly aesthetical, emotional and functional products.

LENZING™ makes a range of world-renowned cellulosic eco-yarns that are the highest accredited made in a closed-loop system from wood pulp that is sourced from sustainable forests which hold Europe's highest sustainable certification. Woven fabrics include 100% Tencel™​ and Tencel™ Denim plus Tencel™​LUXE (eco-couture for luxury brands) and blends. We also wholesale their newest and most environmentally sustainable and biodegradable yarns, ECOVERO™​ and REFIBRA™​ plus Jersey knits using 100% ECOVERO™​ and blends..

You can be assured that your fashion choices are sensitive to environmental concerns. Manufactured only from certified and controlled wood sources and produced with significantly lower fossil energy use and water than generic viscose, LENZING™ ECOVERO™ branded viscose fibers are certified with the internationally recognized EU Ecolabel. This label of environmental excellence is only awarded to products and services, which have a significantly lower environmental impact throughout their lifecycle: from raw material extraction to production, distribution and disposal. 

We chose to work with LENZING™ fibres due to their closed loop system and transparency. We mainly work with  ECOVERO™​ because of its amazing feel and fall and the following key benefits:

  • Up to 50% lower emissions & water impact than generic viscose

  • Sustainable wood and pulp sourcing/procurement

  • Certified eco-responsible 

House of U | Netherlands

We print and source our fabrics with the help of the amazing team at House of U, they help smaller businesses like us source sustainable fabrics in smaller quantities and digitally print them.

House of U only works with sustainable materials and uses digital printers specialised for printing on fabric. Our LENZING™ fabrics are sourced and printed in the Netherlands with House of U. House of U is a digital Textile Printing House with a strong focus on product development and sustainable Fabrics which are offered via an online platform. 

They work with 100% Digital Printing, have an optimised finishing process with minimum water consumption throughout, and we develop new sustainable fabrics every year. Our customers can upload their designs online, pick the fabric of their choice and order without any minimum order quantity – from just 1 meter per fabric.

The company’s processes and methods consist of pre-treatment, printing, and the finishing of the materials. Digital printing method reduces water consumption by 70%, in comparison to screen printing. All inks used in the printing process of natural fibres (such as for example organic cotton linen or TENCEL™ Lyocell) are GOTS certified, water-based inks. 

Why is digital printing sustainable?

  • Less waste, as only the amount of ink required to print the design will be used

  • Digital textile printing saved over 40 billion litres of water worldwide in 2018

  • 70% less energy consumption than screen-printing

Tokoencit | Bandung, Indonesia

We source our lining fabrics from Tokoencit in Indonesia that offer many Tencel™ fabric options. They supply high quality material for fashion. Tokoencit specializes in eco-friendly organic fabrics, and they put much care on the origin of the fabric, where it comes from and how it is being developed. 

Tencel™ is an excellent fabric for lining due to their exceptional capacity for thermal regulation and moisture absorption. We use a very thin Voile with Mechanical stretch that is perfect for lining. Mechanical Stretch is a fabric that has stretch properties but spandex or other stretch yarns are not used when they are woven. The stretch is usually created in the finishing process, where the high twist polyester yarn once woven has a small amount of stretch which gives in garments.

They help us dye our lining to match our wonderful prints. 

Weavable | Leeds, United Kingdom

All our tags and labels are produced using sustainable materials with Weavable here in United Kingdom. Our swing tickets are made using Bamboo. Bamboo is both a sustainable and renewable alternative for making paper. As compared with traditional wood sources, bamboo is ready for harvest after 2 to 3 years while traditional wood materials take 5 to 8 years. Additionally, bamboo doesn’t require replanting after harvesting, reducing the time to harvest as well as helping to save the environment. 

Top benefits of using bamboo for your tickets: Natural colour bamboo paper doesn’t need to be bleached, so it uses fewer chemical products during the production process. Bamboo is a quickly renewable resource – it is the fastest growing plant on the planet and reaches maturity in 3 to 5 years of less and when it is cut, the stem is left in the soil to sprout a new shot and start the growing process again. Bamboo paper is recyclable. Bamboo provides jobs and economic development.

All our labels and care labels are made using Organic Cotton. Organic cotton farming is carried out globally. Farm land is treated to remove any toxins and sufficient time is given to cleanse the land. Fertilizers and pesticides are not used and the cotton plants are not genetically modified.The process is reduces pollution and water contamination due to removing the chemicals and pesticides from the growing process. Grown globally also helps reduce the carbon footprint.We can produce your branded woven labels using organic cotton. It is a skin friendly material and is certified.

Packhelp | Warsaw, Poland

All our packaging is made from certified sustainable materials with Packhelp.  Our boxes are made from FSC certified wood and is in eco-friendly kraft and non dyed or bleached materials. They are 100% recyclable so they can start a new life as something else when you are finished with them.

Are you hoping to launch your own sustainable brand? We are happy to send a detailed sourcing list with contacts. We fully believe that sharing is caring and that we are all in this together.